The PADI Specialty courses lets you enhance the skills that you have learnt throughout your diving career. Alongside an instructor you will challenge yourself, add excitement and adventure to you diving. With many specialty courses available you will master maybe some problem skills!

Why PADI Specialty course?

The purpose of specialty courses is to familiarize divers with skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards for various special-interest areas in diving. By the end of the course you should feel more comfortable with your equipment and skills and feel you are ready to tackle more skills.

What do I need to start?

Scuba Diver or higher
Dive Insurance ( If you don’t have we can provide for the duration of your course)
Medical Statement

What will I do?

Depending on which specialty course you choose you will have knowledge development session and either 2-4 open water dives.

Specialty Courses available here are:

• Deep diver
• Boat Diver
• Underwater Navigator
• Search & Recovery
• Wreck diver
• Night diver
• Peak Performance Buoyancy
• Enriched Air Nitrox
• Fish Identification
• Emergency Oxygen Provider
• Underwater Naturalist
• Digital Underwater Photographer
• Discover Nitrox
• Project Aware
• Coral Aware
• Drift
• Digital Underwater Photography

How long will it take?

Depending on which course is undertaken will depend on the length of time. For most of the courses you are looking at approx. 1- 2 days.

Where can I go from here?

As soon as you have finished one specialty course you will be looking to complete more! Why not take the challenge and complete 5 specialties and earn the rating of Master Scuba Diver!

If you feel you can control yourself under the water try the PADI Rescue Diver course, if you have already, think about becoming a professional and help others with the Divemaster course.

Price: From € 60 to € 250