The Bubblemaker pool session is a great way to start off the kids enjoy the experience of the underwater world. With the help of a professional PADI diving instructor they will understand the basics of scuba diving. During their adventure, they will master some of the basic skills along with some games for fun.

Why Bubblemaker?

The PADI Bubblemaker program introduces the kids into a safe underwater environment, where they can take the first steps into breathing underwater. It is an educational experience where they will find their new sense of adventure.

What do I need to start?

Minimum age: 8
Be comfortable in water

What will I do?

When the kids participate in the PADI Bubblemaker program, they will experience adventure, discovery and thrills, whilst swimming in the underwater environment. Throughout the session the kids will learn how to use the equipment, swim under the water and best of all play games. Nothing else will compare to the weightless exhilaration of breathing underwater.

How long will it take?

The whole experience will last for 2-3 hours, this includes all of the experience of getting into a wet suit, maybe for the first time for some!

Where can I go from here?

After the Bubblemaker session has finish and the kids have enjoyed it so much, they are able to join the PADI Seal Team. This again is a session that is conducted in a swimming pool but has five sessions each lasting 1 ½ – 2 hours.

If the kids are 10 years old or more they are able to discover what it is like to dive in the sea, to do this the would need to complete a Discover Scuba Diver Experience.